• Labour Hire License Number in VIC and SA
  • VICLHL03469
  • LHS 302011
  • Approved Employer- Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP)
  • Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme (PALM)
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Whales Workforce has created various job opportunities for the meat processing industry. We have conducted an in-depth analysis of different markets and regions to offer the best talents in the market. Our Specific focus is on providing the best employee experience and growth of the workers. Besides this, Whales Workforce expertise in offering their own professional employee training system.


Whales Workforce has actively served several renowned companies by providing the most reliable and affordable resources. Not only do we provide key solutions to our clients, but we also maintain continuous ongoing support with them by offering effective funnel recruiting strategies and employee onboarding solutions.

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Whales Workforce has proudly partnered with several local companies and restaurants in Australia to provide the most suitable candidates for their operations. By sharing our years of expertise in Human Resource Management, we helped them build a larger pool of talents.  Our All-in-one solutions smart E systems, employee welfare services, professional training and onboarding.


Whales Workforce is a longtime partner with organizations operating in the construction industry. We are active in this field because of our level of expertise, ability to process data, and, most importantly, our reputation for delivering the most reliable resources. Our recruitment strategies have helped construction companies innovate and retain their talented workforce.

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Whales workforce has delivered various bespoke recruitment solutions to several professional service providers. Besides our hiring and training services, we have assisted clients in formulating and implementing an effective Human resource management strategy. By using our employee onboarding solutions, we have successfully implemented winning policies and talent  Management programs within these organizations.


Whales workforce has been providing resource hiring and management solutions to the farming industry. Our active pool of talents has allowed us to offer the most diverse employee workforce to companies that are looking for workers from different parts of the world. Not only we have local partners in strategic regions in South East Asia but we also work with local communities to empower them by offering overseas employment opportunities.

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Whales Regional Workforce serves as a strategic partner to its clients, by delivering the top workforce solution needed to complete successful projects. With our offices all over Australia, our geographical reach and pool of available talent, experience and expertise are unmatched in the industry.

Our team brings in a total of 10 years of experience in the recruitment industry which gives us a competitive advantage by offering tested methodologies that bring instant results for our clients. We have a passion for helping companies finding the most reliable and efficient resources.

We ensure that each talent in our pool receives effective onboarding and training services. Not only this affects their overall performance but it also allows the business to retain the resources for a longer period of time.

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