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  • LHS 302011
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About Us

About Us

Whales Regional Workforce was established with the vision of providing a better work environment for organisations across Australia, especially areas that face labour shortage.

We are a leader in HR management, safety education and professional system development. We also believe that communication with our partners and employees should be our top priority. At the same time, we are sure that our efforts and resources provide a safer and more pleasant environment for our partners and employees. We are eager to create a future where employee safety is ensured at all times and all our partners can expect maximum productivity.

Whales Regional Workforce has a specific blueprint in mind in order to set goals that people can understand. In order to prepare for the increasing influx of workers from overseas in the near future, we will maintain our leadership position in the industry and set a good example for our competitors.

​Whales Regional Workforce is confident because we deliver Australia’s best workforce with our remarkable ability regarding management and innovation. We are ready to welcome new challenges and opportunities to pioneer future agricultural harvesting systems. We will gain new capabilities and expertise on the basis of our accomplishments in order to strengthen our competitive edge and continue innovating in the long term.

Our Team

  • Jay Lee

    Group Leader

  • Julie Jung

    HR Leader

  • Ray Cho

    Marketing Leader/ OH&S Manager

  • Sharen Kelly

    HR Assistant

  • Ken Lee

    Marketing Assistant

  • Leaders

Labour Hire Licence


  • Elias Barreto Lopes Eli

    I'm happy to work in Midfield group because the factory honestly pays us. I also appreciate this opportunity to learn and improve my skills in meat processing that I can utilise in my future career..

  • Cipriano Soares Ximenes Cipriano

    I'm truly happy and grateful that Whales & Midfield group have given me this opportunity to work even i didn't have any experience in factory work. I'm happy about everything here.

  • Xisto Maia De Deus Xisto

    I've been working in Midfield for 3 months and am happy to work with many friends here. thank you very much for the trust and job opportunity, Whales & Midfield team.

  • Aderito Jose Soares Ade

    I applied for this job with Whales as my friend told me about the team. I'm grateful that Whales helped me to work in Midfield even if i didn't have any experience in meat processing. I love that Midfield Group offers stable working hours throughout the year, no worries for off-season ever since!

  • Flugencio Timorense Lemos Flugencio

    I really appreciate Whales team's support in finding a job in Australia. I'm more than happy to work in Midfield group.

  • Viegas De Deus Tilman Brito Viegas

    I've been working in Midfield Group with Whales for 5 months now. I hope that Whales Workforce and workers can work together for a long-term, so we can picture a future in out career together. Thank you so much, Whales team and Midfield Group.

  • Chia-Tien Wu Frenda

    I have been working in Midfield with Whales since the October 2019, my job is computer operator but sometimes I help with packing offals, I like challenges and i will deal with it with my smile.

  • Chao-Heng Chiang Sky

    I started working in Midfield in February 2019, after 4 months work I was eligible for my second year. So l left this job and went to another abattoir near Melbourne. After two weeks of work there, I just couldn't work there anymore because of the chaotic management. So I went back to Taiwan for a holiday and after that, I resumed to work in Midfield and now I have been working here over a year and a half. Warrnambool is really a great place to stay, I have made a lot of friends here.

  • Huang-Wu Yen Oliver

    I have known the Whales onsite manager for many years, he is not only my manager but also a very close friend of mine. I enjoy working here and the environment in Warrnambool is good. I spend my free time to catch abalone and fish in the beautiful beach.

  • Heri Purdiawan Heri

    I came to Midfield with my friend in early 2019 from Indonesia, my friend worked as a slaughterman but now he is in Indonesia and cannot come back because of the Covid. My job is Lidder machine operator and I have been doing it for almost 2 years and never take a day off. I am really happy with my job and if possible, I will stay here till my 3rd visa ends.