• Labour Hire License Number in VIC and SA
  • VICLHL03469
  • LHS 302011
  • Approved Employer- Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP)
  • Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme (PALM)
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About Us

About Us

Whales Regional Workforce was established with the vision of providing a better work environment for organisations across Australia, especially areas that face labour shortage.

We are a leader in HR management, safety education and professional system development. We also believe that communication with our partners and employees should be our top priority. At the same time, we are sure that our efforts and resources provide a safer and more pleasant environment for our partners and employees. We are eager to create a future where employee safety is ensured at all times and all our partners can expect maximum productivity.

Whales Regional Workforce has a specific blueprint in mind in order to set goals that people can understand. In order to prepare for the increasing influx of workers from overseas in the near future, we will maintain our leadership position in the industry and set a good example for our competitors.

​Whales Regional Workforce is confident because we deliver Australia’s best workforce with our remarkable ability regarding management and innovation. We are ready to welcome new challenges and opportunities to pioneer future agricultural harvesting systems. We will gain new capabilities and expertise on the basis of our accomplishments in order to strengthen our competitive edge and continue innovating in the long term.